As a young and vigorous, rapidly growing campus architecture design institute, ADINJU was founded in September, 1999. Since its inception, ADINJU has always been growing with the goal of creating architectural masterpieces. On the basis of adhering to the idea of “customer foremost, good quality, continuous improvement, benefit sharing”, ADINJU has been making great efforts to build a strong state and forging ahead in a pioneering spirit over 19 years. Meanwhile, ADINJU has gradually forged ahead along an innovating, high-quality and technical developing road.

Currently, ADINJU possesses grade A certificate of construction industry (Architectural Engineering) design issued by Ministry of Housing and Urban- Rural Development of the People's Republic of China (including decorative, curtain wall, light steel, intelligent, illumination, firefighting specialized); grade A certificate of engineering investigation and survey, hydrographic investigation and survey; grade B certificate of construction industry (air defense engineering); grade B certificate of landscape; grade C certificate of electricity industry (electricity transmission engineering); grade A certificate of engineering consulting issued by National Development and Reform Commission and grade B certificate of preservation of cultural relics engineering investigation and design. Besides, ADINJU has been through the ISO9001 quality management system certification.

During ADINJU's 19 years of developing course, professional personnel team and reasonable specialty settings have always been the propulsion base of its rapidly growing and innovation.